Visited local residents in Edgwood Court in Ladywood which is a retirement property for older people. They hosted a meeting so I could talk to the residents and members of the local community of Waterworks Estate. We covered lots of issues from the lack of information about the PCC election to confirming their support and thanks for the local police officers to issues about noise and inconsiderate parking by the local taxi drivers. Quite a range of subjects and as I did most of the talking the cups of teas were essential to continue the conversations. The residents knew their police officers by name and spoke very warmly about their work with and for the surrounding community. I asked them what they wanted from the police and it was common themes of officers being visible, talking to a person on the phone and not a machine, timely response to their problems and feedback on the incident that the police were dealing with on their behalf. Pretty common issues.
Many thanks to the staff and residents for taking the time to see me.
There is some pretty fascinating history in the local area with the Perrotts Folly and Waterworks Tower which were the inspiration for Tolkien’s twin towers in Lord of the Rings. Outside Edgwood Court is a mosaic which represents the local area and each mosaic piece was added by the residents on the estate so it is truly a communal project.
I learnt that West Midlands Police Sergeant Neil Anderton (now retired) was so respected by the community that they named their garden after him and Anderton Gardens is a very well tended and popular spot with the residents. A lovely accolade from a very appreciative community to lovely man.

29/7/2019 11:48:19 pm

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