A well deserved wine at the end of a very long day.
Cheers everyone. I am smiling because of you.


To all my supporters and voters. A gold star for you all as you have been fantastic. A third place from voters across the West Midlands with 30, 778, 2nd place to Conservative - 44, 130 and 1st to Labour - 101,130.
I came 3rd in Walsall, Birmingham, Coventry, Sandwell, Wolverhampton. 2nd in Solihull and 4th in Dudley.
Could not have done it without you. Many thanks to everyone.

A brief glimpse of the Counting area at the ICC.
I won Sutton Vesey Ward by 6 votes from the Conservatives. FANTASTIC.
My thanks to the Sutton Vesey folks for all your support and votes.

In Sainsbury's car park handing out leaflets. My, my it was cold that evening.
Lots of people had already been to vote and some had voted for me. Many more decided to go and vote after they saw me freezing.
One chap said I 'd soon warm up if I had 100,000 wage. Comedian LOL
I visited all the local polling stations and thanked the staff for their evenings work.

Found voters in the park

My secret campaign weapon standing guard over my advertisement

Have you found your VOTE 4 CATH sticker in your paper today? Secret supporters have hidden stickers in news papers and the Metro to remind you to vote.

Time for a tea break. Naughty but nice!

Many thanks to the Dialogue Society for inviting candidates and public together for an interesting two way debate.
I learned we can have 8 Independent representatives on the Police and Crime Panel so why have they restricted the posts to only 2 people?
8 Independent representatives of the public would really balance the decision making process.

Me in action at the Dudley hustings.
Thanks to the Quality Hotel for their hospitality and St John's Preservation Society for organising the evening.
I spoke to an older  lady who described two incidents regarding the police. Both were a terrible reflection on the police and their management of her family and neighbour. I can see through the circumstances and know the officers were more concerned with 'getting a result' and had forgotten the people who needed their help. My campaign is to PUT PEOPLE FIRST. I will make it happen!

My website had over 4,000 visitors yesterday and over 2,000 already today. That's a fantastic response and shows that people are interested in the election.
Keep spreading the word and encourage voting
Thank you for all your support and good wishes.
Hi All,
Spent the day canvassing around Walmley and addressed a local residents group. They were very concerned about anti social behaviour and had been told by the police they could not take pictures or record the youths concerned.
You can evidence their disruptive activities, snap/record away. Modern technology allows you to record all sorts  of details. If their activity is recorded it is evidence or at least an image of their bad manners. Let's identify these youths and get the matter sorted.

Headed over to Dudley for the last hustings of the campaign. Very receptive audience, with lots of questions for all the candidates and representatives. My thanks to the Quality Hotel staff for their hospitality and St John's Preservation Society for organising the event.

Tomorrow I will be at local railway stations  to reminding people to vote. 

One of the candidates will be your PCC make sure it is someone who will work for you

6.30 - 8.30pm HUSTINGS Hosted by St John's Church Preservation Group at the Quality Hotel Dudley (Ward Arms), Birmingham Road, Dudley

Birmingham Trade Union Council hosted a hustings for all candidates at Birmingham Council House.
A diverse audience challenged us about the cuts, reduction of police and support staff numbers in the future, used of security companies plus G4S and the list went on. A good grilling.


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