Hi All,
Spent the day canvassing around Walmley and addressed a local residents group. They were very concerned about anti social behaviour and had been told by the police they could not take pictures or record the youths concerned.
You can evidence their disruptive activities, snap/record away. Modern technology allows you to record all sorts  of details. If their activity is recorded it is evidence or at least an image of their bad manners. Let's identify these youths and get the matter sorted.

Headed over to Dudley for the last hustings of the campaign. Very receptive audience, with lots of questions for all the candidates and representatives. My thanks to the Quality Hotel staff for their hospitality and St John's Preservation Society for organising the event.

Tomorrow I will be at local railway stations  to reminding people to vote. 

One of the candidates will be your PCC make sure it is someone who will work for you

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