I spent time with Pop In and Play, a mum and toddler group run by volunteers at St James Church in Mere Green. Boy oh boy what a busy morning for the volunteers and the primary organisor Penny Bowkett.
Over 80 mums and children to mind and organise.
My thoughts of having a chat with the mums were soon dismissed when faced with a wall of noise - laughter, crying babies and chatting adults. I reduced my pitch to 15  - 30 seconds for each group of adults and remained in the reception area to answer questions. 

Most people took a few moments to chat as they flew passed attending to the needs of their children.  A repeat concern was the lack of information about the election and understanding of the role.
The volunteers are a very busy group of ladies who have committed many years to running the group. They provide a very valuable resource for the community
and make a lovely cup of tea as well.

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