Together with all the candidates I took part in the hustings arranged by Pink Shield at the Penthouse, The Loft Lounge, Bromsgrove Street. Rather lovely surroundings and very tasty nibbles provided.
A select and attentive crowd attended with some searching questions about supporting businesses in the local area, promoting True Vision, an on line information service about hate crime, improving trust and confidence in the police and organising multi agency responses to vulnerable and troublesome individuals. There was a detailed discussion about commissioning and the impart of public services being delivered by private business. There was no desire for policing to become another money spinner for private corporations.
Mike provided a summary of hate crime statistics and referred to the Home Office hate crime action plan, ''Challenge it, Report it, Stop it". http://www.homeoffice.gov.uk/publications/crime/hate-crime-action-plan/
Many thanks to Dave Samra, the Pink Shield team and the staff at the Loft Lounge for making us so welcome.

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